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  • Best Friends 1.03h

    Best Friend is the game where you will help two friends i.e. Petey and Patty. You will have to join up both of them. The game is ultra-cute 3D game
  • My Friends 1.6

    Now you have no need to remember all information about your friends such as date of birth, their favorite color and song, etc because the inclusive
  • Friends 1.0

    You always may fill the same rectangle with the same shapes in different arrangements.Until 2200
  • Emo Friends 1.0

    These two girls are close friends and have common tastes. They have chosen to dress in emo style this autumn and are getting ready for an outing. Help
  • Friends & Accounts 3.oO

    The ultimate lister for net freaks! 1-Export collected emails to your clipboard, your default email manager using person-groupsthat have you
  • Pumpkins and Friends 1.0

    Each one of the four characters is decorating his or her personal space, wearing a super cool Halloween outfit as well. Help them prepare every little
  • Get MySpace Friends 1.0

    Get MySpace Friends Toolbar for Internet Explorer. Learn how to get a lot of myspace
  • Spring Friends 1.0

    Spring Friends!... Load your desktop icons and position them on your new spring wallpaper to create your very own desktop
  • Frogatto & Friends 1.1.1

    Frogatto is an open-source “platformer” game, which means you’re given a cross-section view into the world, and you help a small
  • Zoo Friends Screensaver 3.0

    Zoo Friends Screensaver will display photos that were taken at a local zoo. Some photos include black bears, big cats, reptiles, aquatic life, birds
  • Mémo Friends 3.0

    Memo Friends is a simple and practical program where you will be able to save all your friends and family data in an easy way. Within its tabbed
  • Friends in Summer -

    A beautiful lakeside setting???just where I would like to be this time of year; custom icons, AniS and Cursors. Matching animated screensaver, Winamp
  • Valentine Friends 1.0

    This is a great wallpaper of some kittens and mice as they float on some Helium air balloons and send you a holiday message of Happy Valentines.
  • Baby Friends -

    Cute little toon babies are having Summer fun in the garden. Wallpaper also
  • Peedy And Friends 3.0

    A very simple, yet useful program. Peedy floats on top. Click Peedy and the commands come up. Slide thru Hide and the commands disappear. Double
  • Hamtaro and Friends 1.0

    The little cute hamster Hamtaro themes with fun icons, ani Cursors and logos by Caty. 2 sizes of wallpapers. The music is the opening theme of
  • Christmas Friends -

    Peace on Earth, goodwill to men, the Spirit of Christmas transcends, let s be of good cheer at this time of year, and let s make some good Christmas
  • Friends for Windows 1.00

    A Windows based program allowing internet users to determine whether their friends and colleagues are Currently connected to the internet. In
  • Invite Friends -

    This is a Script for
  • Maya the Bee & Her Friends for GBC 1.0

    Play classic game Maya the Bee & Her Friends on
  • College Friends 1.0

    These two girls are just out of college and are looking for a photo portfolio as they plan a career in modeling. All they need is a good dressing and
  • The Ripping Friends for GBA 1.0

    Play classic game The Ripping Friends on
  • Monkey's Friends 1.0

    The game Monkey s Friends is an absorbing adventure of a funny monkey! Are you ready to help the animals? A Wicked Jacklighter in the rainforest! You
  • make friends online 1.0

    The inclusive IE toolbar make friends online lets users to power up their site, visitors and bank account by finding your desire friends and sites
  • Christian Friends Screensaver 1.0

    Free Christian desktop wallpaper Free Christian desktop wallpaper with inspiring messages and pictures to encourage you in your Christian
  • WordPress Friends Feed 0.1.2

    You can have a LiveJournal-like friends page in WordPress This plugin brings to WordPress the famous LiveJournal feature - friends feed. You can
  • Facebook friends checker 1.1.0

    Now you can get list of your all friends even lost ones by using handy software Facebook friend's checker. It gives you list of current face book
  • Sheep Friends - Billy 1.03

    Sheep Friends - Billy 1.03 is a simple audio player that allows you to play an entire directory of MP3 files.This program can usually load files
  • Sheep Friends - Diana 1.0

    Add notes to certain days, and view them when needed. This program was not made to impress but to have a simple way of organizing daily to-do
  • Sheep Friends - Hawk 1.0

    Hawk is an ultra fast hex file viewer. Add a shortcut to Hawk in your "Send To" menu. So you can always right click on a file and view it quickly with
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  • Myspace Friend Finder 1.7.8

    To find and search your friends Myspace Friend finder enables you to do so. You can search your friends with different options. The main features included in this program are Send Message update version alert organize
  • Hanging With Friends for Android 1.0

    Hanging With friends is a twist on hangman from the makers of Words With friends The popular word game Hanging With friends is now on Android! It's your next game addiction from the creative geniuses behind Words With
  • Hanging With Friends for iPhone 1.0

    This version of Hanging With friends is AD FREE!!!!!!! The creative geniuses behind Words With friends are pleased to bring you your next word game addiction: Hanging With friends! Hanging With friends brings a brand
  • VITO FindMe 1.2

    VITO findMe is a free GPS utility for Pocket PC Phone Edition that will help your friends immediately find your whereabouts just by sending an SMS. Your friends want to know your whereabouts After installing VITO
  • Mobicue all Motorola widescreen phones 1.2.0

    Mobicue is a social mobile community that connects you with all of your friends and share information. With Mobicue your can: - Instant Chat with MSN and Yahoo! friends - Invite and find your IM/Email friends easily on
  • MyStart Toolbar 4.0.4

    MyStart Toolbar is the must-have Facebook application to Stay Connected to your Facebook friends. Get Instant Access to Facebook essential bookmarks anytime, anywhere while surfing the Web with your browser. With
  • Myspace Marketing Manager 3.17

    Have you ever dreamed of having a powerful tool to promote your music (or whatever you have to sell) on Myspace or any other social network? Have you ever dreamed to stop wasting your precious time on Myspace (or
  • FBProfilesMagic

    First let's ask some questions: 1. Do you have HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS of Facebook friends? 2. Can you find some of them easy? 3. Do you want a simple way to get your friends's contact information list?
  • Mobicue for S60 wide screen phones 1.3.0

    Mobicue is a social microblogging service. It allows users to update any photos, videos, or text and more in real time from their camera phones, and immediately shows them to friends on Mobicue. With Mobicue your can:

    Marine and her friends are back! Time is running out for the showdown and the Lords of Mystrock are nastier than ever - but Marine has other priorities! She has to explore the Eastern part of the world with the hope to
  • AIM - Preview

    Aim Preview is a free software tool that allows you to view photos, videos, and tweets without leaving the conversation. You can stay in touch with your friends, get new friends and find out the latest news and
  • Glue for Safari 4.5.2

    find your next favorite Movie, book, or album. When you visit popular sites like Amazon, IMDb, and Wikipedia, Glue will appear on the PaGE to show you books, movies, and music that you might like. Suggestions are based
  • Video Player and Photo Viewer for Facebook 1.0

    Watch all your photos/videos and photos/videos of your friends on one place This application contains Facebook Photo Viewer and Facebook Video Player. FB Photo Viewer You can watch all your photos and photos of your
  • WhoDeletedYou 0.5

    WhoDeletedYou? is a program that lets you find out who removed you from their friends list on Facebook. This is the ONLY program available out there that tells you who removed you without violating any Facebook terms
  • Google Talk Lab Edition

    The key features of handy Google Talk Lab Edition are as follow: it supports group chatting that lets users to invite several friends for joining the conversation simply by clicking GroupChat button; it adds several new
  • SimAddy 1.0

    Use SimAddy to keep track of your friends, determine possible friends, and manage romantic relationships! I call it SimAddy, because it's like an address book for your Sims. I came up with the idea because getting and
  • iPast Contact 1.03

    Have you ever dreamed of meeting ancient philosophers and thinkers ? With 'iPast Contact' it comes half true ... You will have a complete new kind of friends , coming from past hundred and thousand years ago, offering
  • Gembees Extension 1.12

    Gembees is a place to keep and share all the good stuff you find on the net. Also it's a great place to keep in touch and find new friends! Let the world know who you are and see what others are interested in! Add-on
  • SpongeBob Screensaver 1.0

    Alex99 welcomes you to download their second product, i.e. SpongeBob screen saver for kids, where you will find SpongeBob with his friends. It contains many other pictures and animations with beautiful sounds. Its
  • Heros Tale: Enhanced Edition 1.0

    Hero's Tale Enhanced Edition is a jRPG game which captures the basic gameplay of the genre. Those unfamiliar with the genre will be in for a pleasant surprise to find out that Hero's Tale is simple to play and get in to.
  • Hero's Tale Enhanced Edition 2.0

    Hero's Tale Enhanced Edition is a jRPG game which captures the basic gameplay of the genre. Those unfamiliar with the genre will be in for a pleasant surprise to find out that Hero's Tale is simple to play and get in to.
  • SiaC - Share-in-a-Click 1.21

    SiaC is a light-weight utility which spares you the fuss when you want to share links, as you surf, with your friends. It will send the current website address to the friends you select from your list - to their mail
  • OpenItsMe 3.5.0

    OpenItsMe enables you to chat with your friends, share files with them and download from them, search for files they shared, play music on their computer, watch their videos, view their photos and more. It combines
  • Flickr Buddy 0.2.5

    Get your flickr friends' updates. 1) you need an account on (the greate Photo sharing Website); 2) Get the flickr contacts rss Link from You could find the yellow rss icon on the bottom of PaGE
  • QQ 2009 Preview3

    You can use interesting online chat software QQ 2009 not only for talking with our friends but also with other people for making new friends. You can add your new friends in your contact list. It has very user friendly
  • MySpaceIM 1.0.745

    Instant messenger for MySpace network A free instant messenger for MySpace network. Talk with your friends over MySpace network. Features: · IM your MySpace friends anytime · One-Click login to
  • Glam IRC 2.0

    Add your friends to contact list and see if are Currently online and available to Chat. Send messages to your offline IRC friends and they will receive your message when they will be online (compatible with most IRC
  • Spyder 2.2.4

    Spyder is a social network browser for MySpace that makes it easy to organize, browse, comment, message, and find new friends. Spyder makes it easy to keep in touch with your friends or fan-base by message or comment.
  • MXPlay Web beta

    MXPLAY - music Add-on for IE and Firefox, browse the Web and Discover New Music. find and play music while you browse the web with MXPlay Web. MXPlay Web allows you to join the Online Music Revolution. find and play
  • Facebook friends checker 1.1.0

    Now you can get list of your all friends even lost ones by using handy software Facebook friend's checker. It gives you list of current face book friends as well as list of new friends and list of lost friends. It has