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  • Find Shared Folders -

    The find shared folders is a lan scanner that can scan an IP range and will find folders that are shared out on the network. Good for the system administrator who monitor a small company LAN, or a home network and
  • Lite Shared Navigator 1.1

    Lite shared Navigator is intended for search of shared resources in your local network. You can search for shared folders, printers or files according to a mask. The program possesses the simple, understandable
  • HomeFTP 1.01

    FTP server that is easy to use You can have shared files in your local network with most comfort. Of course you can use standard Windows tools for it, but then you'll have to put up with some nasty nuisances. Your
  • Remove Duplicate Folders 9.63

    Remove Duplicate folders - download extra best application to remove duplicate folders from your computer forever. Remove duplicate folders of any size, safely remove duplicate folders on hard drives, smoothly find and
  • 10-Strike Connection Monitor 2.21

    Monitor network connections to your shared resources, find out who opens your files over local network. Protect your computer or file server, be notified when an intruder opens secure folders and files. When a connection
  • GigaTribe 3.01.007

    Create your private file-sharing network to exchange large files with your friends. Only the users you have invited will see the files (and folders) you share. Your friends can browse through the shared folders on your
  • 4Team Sync2 2.20.1312

    Synchronize Microsoft Outlook data between multiple PCs using external USB device, shared network folder or FTP. Share and sync Outlook Calendar and Contacts folders with Google Calendar service.All changes will
  • OpenItsMe 3.5.0

    OpenItsMe enables you to chat with your friends, share files with them and download from them, search for files they shared, play music on their computer, watch their videos, view their photos and more. It combines
  • Spider.NET 1.4

    Are you into downloading files, such as mp3s,dvds,mpeg etc. Whether it be with Kazaa, iMesh, or through mIRC? Explore the world of file sharing over the Internet Chat Relay (IRC). With this simple, easy-to-use program,
  • Ftp Downloader

    Ftp Dmanager is a download manager that helps you download files, programs, pictures, (streaming) audio, (streaming) video, etc. In addition It supports folders downloading. The program also comes with a handy tree view
  • Win32/Parite Remover

    A useful tool for cleaning the Win32/Parite virus from your PC When the worm is launched it finds suitable executable files with EXE or SCR extension on all accessible disk drives and infects them. The Win32/Parite
  • FinitySoft Share Browser 1.0

    Explore shared resources on your local net with this easy to use application FinitySoft Share Browser allows you to explore the shared resources on your local network.FinitySoft Share Browser will search the local
  • Clone Tools - Find Duplicate Files 2.02

    find and Delete Duplicate Files and folders. Clone Tools is the first duplicate file finder that finds folders with shared or identical content. The birds-eye view offered by Clone Tools unique side by side browser and
  • Share Manager 0.1

    Share Manager is a handy utility to view, add and delete shares and mapped drives on your computer. Share Manager displays existing shares and mapped drives on your computer. It gives you basic information about each
  • PrintOut 1.2.0

    I came across someone who had a whole bunch of storage folders in Outlook and wanted to print out a list of them. Microsoft didn't build that feature into the program and I couldn't find it for download anywhere. So I
  • 10-Strike Connection Monitor Pro 2.2

    10-Strike Connection Monitor is network share access monitoring software intended for Microsoft Windows networks. Its key features include: Constantly monitor access to shared folders; Watch who gets info about your
  • Bdrive 2.1.1

    Bdrive is a social cloud service that helps you use your files from anywhere and share them with your friends. Bdrive turns your mobile phone, tablet and PC into a personal cloud allowing you and your friends to access
  • TAMonitor 1.01

    TAMonitor is an essential program for the monitoring of your server. If your Internet connection LiVES declining, your Web server (IIS) stops responding all the time and its shared folders are taking much space on the
  • My Tray Computer 1.0

    he MTC is completely reprogrammed and written in the C# language. Therefore, you need to install "Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile" package to use this product. Now, you can customize your Programs, Games or
  • WinPST Share Outlook 3.90510

    WinPST offers a quick and easy way of synchronizing and sharing your Microsoft Outlook folders without Microsoft Exchange Server. In addition to sharing users' personal folders with other members of staff, it is
  • MediaSnooper 0.96

    MediaSnooper is a personal system for indexing and searching for files in a local network. Local networks are a great source of various information. And itâ„¢s sometimes very difficult to find something important in a
  • MAPILab Share'n'Sync 2.0

    MAPILab Share`n`Sync is designed to solve two tasks: synchronizing Outlook folders on several computers and organizing shared access to Microsoft Outlook folders for small companies. The product supports all types of
  • FindFatFolder

    findFatFolder (find Fat Folder) is a simple utility that allows you to find free space on your hard drives The main idea is that some of the folders (directories) that no longer needed is hard to find. If we sort all
  • Digionica SyncTool 2.8.0

    Digionica SyncTool is a powerful application designed to synchronize folders in two or more location in a network without using shared folders. If you have LAN connection between two computers, there is no need to share
  • ShareO for Outlook 3.0

    ShareO for Outlook 3.0 is created as a useful tool which allows you to share and synchronize Microsoft Outlook Personal folders with other Outlook users without a server with this easy-to-use utility. Create shared
  • Sarotech NAS Navigator 1.2

    You can easily search NAS folders and files over internet with handy software Sarotech NAS Navigator. You can change the search settings as well as it supports following three options: web admin, shared folders, and ftp
  • Win7 Shared Folder Icon 1.0

    As we know, a "little hand" is used for shared folder icon in Windows XP/Vista and the earlier versions of Windows. But since Win7/2008, things have changed. Microsoft removed this useful feature. Feel a bit
  • DriveHQ WWWShare 1.2

    Easy Internet file-sharing application DriveHQ WWWShare is one of the best Internet file-sharing applications. With its simple and wizard-driven interface, users can easily share files and folders with friends on the
  • Network IP Scanner Shared Resources 1.0.0

    Network IP Scanner shared Resources is an application that helps you find open SMB shared resources in the Internet. It checks computers only with open NBT ports, that allows you quickly scan large
  • WD Discovery 1.80.1035.3

    The Discovery Tool enables you to easily find the WD drives on the network as well as you can use these drives shared folders for creating mapped network drives. For working it requires Windows 2000 with SP4; Windows XP